The Teal Couch Membership provides phone and virtual sessions for mental wellness, coaching and personal development

 Affordable wellness assistance as low as $7.63 a day. 

The Membership is a standard membership... Billed monthly for 12 months regardless of services rendered, it is the Clients Responsibility to schedule their appointments

There is a 15-minute wait time granted. After the allotted time, session will be canceled. 

Cancellation Fee $50.00 




Two (60 min) sessions a month

Homework assignments (Goal setting)

Assessment & Accountability Calls & Review (Check in's)

Anxiety Support Group


Monthly Membership: $229.00


12 Months Paid in Full: $2,500


Therapy & Transformation Coaching "With a Twist"
The Walters Group Consulting LLC.



Serving California & The Rest Of The World.

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